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Founded in 1899, the Viega Group is the global leader in press technology systems for industrial, commercial and residential industries. Along with many other firsts in the industry, Viega was the first to manufacture pipe fittings that incorporate pressing technology, eliminating the need to solder or thread. Viega’s North American presence was formed in 1999 and introduced Viega Germany’s press technology to the U.S., Canada and Latin America. Viega North America offers products including copper, stainless steel and iron pipe press fittings along with a complete PEX plumbing system including water distribution manifolds, plastic tubing and plastic press fittings. The company continues to engineer forward-thinking products like hydronic heating and cooling systems.

Viega’s primary press solutions are ProPress and MegaPress. They are available in multiple materials and with different sealing elements, enabling our press technology to fit gas and potable water systems in piping ranging from ½ to 4".

Viega also specializes in radiant heating and cooling for everything from heated driveways and floors, to tarmacs and industrial buildings and garages where forced-air is not an ideal option. In addition, Viega supplies the PEX tubing and manifolds to run radiant lines as well as the hot and cold water lines in a complete plumbing system.

Today, just like 115 years ago, Viega continues to find solutions before industry even realizes they’re needed.

  • Bathroom Equipment - Tubs, Lavatories, Tops, Bidets, Shower Stalls, Toilets
  • Control Systems
  • Pipes & Drains
  • Plastic Pipe
  • Plumbing Equipment and Materials
  • Radiant Heating
  • Snow & Ice Melting Systems

This press kit contains information and images of Viega's new in-wall flushing technology.

Viega System Launch at IBS Press Release
This release details the new in-wall flushing technology debuting at IBS.

Photo of the System

Photo of the System When Hidden (1)

Photo of the System When Hidden (2)

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