International Builders' Show
January 21 - 23, 2020
Las Vegas, NV
JAN 21-23, 2020

Finding Your Custom Builder Leadership Habits: Acres of Diamonds

Wednesday, February 20 | 1:15 - 1:45 PM

Event Type: Presentation

Location: LVCC - Custom Building Central - North 257



J. Bradley Simons, CGB, CGP, Master CGP, Magleby Construction, Lindon, UT

What It's About:

Leadership and management styles have been defined by the experts for years. There are so many different philosophies and experts—seemingly new ones every day—how do you find the key leadership habits that will drive you, your team and your company to greater levels of success? Are you looking in the right places? Do you understand your own leadership style and how to implement it for maximum success? Take 30 minutes and do some exploratory surgery on your leadership style.

There are too many experts and philosophies to focus on. You need to find YOU! You'll discover your Five Key Habits of Success (and a couple of bonus ones for you over achievers) and understand the 30-day rule for success.

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