February 19 - 21, 2019
Las Vegas, NV
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Tesla is Coming to a Roof Near You

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Tuesday, January 9 | 1:30 - 2:00 PM

Event Type: Presentation

Location: IBS Live! - South Concourse, Exhibit Hall SA, Booth S218

Presenter(s): Dave Robau, National Energy USA

What It's About:

New innovations such as Tesla® SolarRoof and PowerWall technologies offer cost-effective solutions with tangible results for homeowners, and these types of innovations will help to usher in a new paradigm shift towards a more sustainable housing industry. We’ll explore Tesla’s remarkable new solar system, the first of which were installed earlier this summer. With shingles that look nearly identical to traditional roofs and a price point cheaper than expected, many are wondering if this is the future for our industry. Learn about the technology used in the system, how to integrate the SolarRoof and PowerWall into a home and the cost drivers associated, as well as the environmental, economic and social impacts of this and other smart home automation technologies.

Learn more about the presentations and events taking place at the all new IBS Live. This year, we’re exploring the future of housing and the products, processes and people disrupting our industry.

Continuing Education: NAHB - 0.5 CE hour(s)

Tags: Custom BuildingDesigners, Architects, Engineers and PlannersGreen BuildingHigh Performance HomesIBS LiveRemodelersRemodelingSingle Family - AllSmart HomesTechnology

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