February 19 - 21, 2019
Las Vegas, NV
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Mitch Levinson, MIRM, CSP, CMP, CGR, MBA

Arlington Heights, Illinois

Mitch Levinson has helped businesses use technology to bring their company message to the market and drive sales over his entire career. He works with our clients to create a solid marketing foundation for their online footprint. Mitch’s expertise is in building websites that generate leads, and integrating creative, search, social and content to drive qualified buyers to clients. Using those tools around the core of a strong blog and website, he unifies the company brand message and delivers it to their target market. Regardless of his task, Mitch stays focused on the big picture. Whether bringing in new business, leading a client brainstorming or branding initiative, conducting a discovery call for a new web development project, monitoring SEO and search rankings or Google’s changes, teaching our seminars in the industry, or coaching his kids’ sports teams, Mitch’s purpose is to help people identify and reach their goals. His ability to see each endeavor through a wide angle lens allows him to create effective strategies. Mitch is the Marketing RELEVANCE thought leader who manages the technical team and moves our agency in new directions to increase revenue and improve leads and traffic for clients. Driven by his passion for his job, he loves to see our high quality products produce strong results. His focus on effective programs that drive sales always start with identifying the goals and which key performance indicators will help identify if the goals are met. He is an active member of several HBAs and has a distinguished himself by giving back to the industries he serves. He was honored with the 2016 Bill Molster award and in 2018 with be the chair of BMIT and 2019 NSMC for NAHB

Sessions where you can hear Mitch Levinson during IBS:

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