February 19 - 21, 2019
Las Vegas, NV
Days Until Registration Opens

Robert Bowman

Charter Homes & Neighborhoods
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Robert Bowman is an American designer and builder with a passion for creating Special Places. Inspired by the idea that CHARACTER should be included in everything that is designed and built today, Rob creates Special Places by combining his skills of discovering the story of the land, discerning what people want, designing place and product, and driving a process to make it happen. Rob is bringing this idea to market with The Great American Neighborhood®, a platform that starts with people, includes the steps, and details what is included in a Place Like No Other™. It also, and most importantly, meets the emerging demands of today’s homebuyer, providing them with a choice that is unique and one of a kind, connection to others and to nature, and experiences they value as much as their time.

Sessions where you can hear Robert Bowman during IBS:

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